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Chinese cosplay: Hong Kong

What is cosplay? A combination of two words: "costume" and "play". What do they want? Just to show latest anime costumes and make-up. Does it hurts? Probably, no. :mrgreen: So, enjoy photos.... 8)

Just different: are you ready?

You believe that China can only copy western stylish clothes and sell replicas? No! Chinese new hysterical trend impresses more than the last LV collection, isn't it? A round of applouses - this challenge sticks to our memory better then Mao's quotations! Let's have a look.

Made for China

There is a widespread delusion that China is a good place for shopping. Actually if you are looking for Chinese no name stuff or replicas of premium brands, you can find all these in China. But if you plan to buy original Gucci here cheaper, or to go shopping to places like Mango or Zara, be ready for some unpleasant surprises: