"Чтобы вести людей за собой, иди за ними". Лаозцы

Puma conceals its face

When Starbucks opened its coffee net in Saudi Arabia, the company was forced to adapt halls to the local traditions in spite of the general company’s strategy: to separate man and women. Puma in China adapted models….


Having incomparable advertisement budget with Adidas and Nike, creative team from Puma made strenuous efforts to find the best idea to increase sales in China on 1.3 milliards customers. They decided to paint faces of its models with traditional colors of Beijing Opera.



So, this trio in the poster is not very famous and well recognized even without painted faces). Their names are (from left to right) Sweden’s sprinter Jenny Kallur, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (the fastest man in the world) and Moroccan middle distance runner Mohamed Moustaoui.


What do colors in Beijing Opera mean?

Red – courage and loyalty
Black – strength and fierceness
White – treacherous and sly
Blue – uprightness and stubbornness
Green – bravery and irascibility
Yellow – ambition and cool-headedness.

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